5 Things To Make With Paracord Plus Other Uses For Preppers!

5 Things To Make With Paracord Plus Other Uses For Preppers!

Paracord can be a prepper’s best friend off the grid. It is one of the most convenient and hardy rope options you have – and the fact that you can burn or heat it to stop edges from fraying is only a plus when you are off the grid and only have access to a few things at best. Today we are walking you through 5 things to make with paracord that will help you to survive!

#1: Shoelaces

When off the grid, you will most often be wearing laced up shoes. And with rough use, your shoes may hold up, but your laces will give up much sooner. And there are only so many spare laces you can store. So to remedy the situation, paracord comes to your rescue! Use it in place of your shoe laces. Just measure out against the old laces and then burn off the ends to get a good hard seal on them. And you are done!

#2: Survival bracelets

These are all the rage and can come very much in handy because it is basically a way of keeping that much paracord within easy reach. As and when needed you can unravel it and use either the cord for other purposes or the inner strands too! Here is a tutorial on how to build one:

#3: Paracord bag

For carrying small stuff along with you, a handy bag would be a welcome accessory. And when in that situation, you may have need of an extra bag or two. In that case, having a good amount of paracord and a durable crochet needle is all you’ll need. You can then weave your own bag – and it is so simple that with a bit of practice, you’ll manage just fine. Here is a tutorial:

#4: Escape ladder

There may be times when you’ll need a ladder for escape, to climb up a tree or a rock – or even to climb down to safer ground. In these cases, if you aren’t a trekker, a ladder will be essential. And the best and most convenient ladders to use when off grid are rope ladders – they are portable, light and easy to store. And the good news is that you can actually make really durable rope ladders out of paracord!

We bring you the tutorial – but this one uses thick rope of a different kind. Replace that with thick braids of paracord. You will first need to weave the paracord in the braid weave normally used for thick bracelets, and then you can use that for the ladder. However, you will need quite a bit for this – and you should ideally do this in your spare time before the disaster strikes and store it with the rest of your stuff.

#5: Paracord belt

So what if your belt wears out over time when off the grid. No, you do not have access to a store where you can buy one. But the better idea is probably to make yourself a paracord belt! It functions as a belt – and also you get to carry that much paracord on your person so that you can use it whenever you need it!

Besides these things, paracord can be used like normal yet tough rope to make a number of other things as well… Just to give you a quick idea…

With the paracord, you can fashion:

  • A tourniquet
  • A splint
  • A sling
  • A clothesline

With the inner strands:

  • Dental floss
  • Kindling
  • Fishing line
  • To fasten together wood to make stuff

There is really no end to what you can make with this humble item – so whenever you are stocking up for a SHTF situation, be sure to stock up on enough paracord. After all – its uses far exceed these 5 things to make with paracord as you have just seen. So invest in a handsome amount of it – and also take the trouble of figuring out other uses for it!

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