7 Ways To Defend Yourself Without A Gun

As a prepper, you need to think very seriously about survival self defense. When you are well prepped, and have all the supplies necessary to survive in the wild, you will be the object of much envy. And out of envy – you can also face serious risks of being attacked by others. Naturally then, you need to consider your and your family’s safety. And while you can always use guns for this – you may be one of the many who feel jittery about real firearms in the house. Do not worry – you are not alone in this, and nor are you wrong. Indeed, firearms are a great risk in themselves. So we bring you 7 ways to defend yourself without a gun.

#1: Keep a low profile

You may be prepped and well stocked for many years, but never, under any circumstance, should you advertise this fact. Remember that so long as people know, they will want to secure your supplies for themselves – that is what disaster does to people. Instead attempt to blend in. You may have everything, but do not appear like you do. Keep clothes dirty in appearance, do not frequently change clothes. Do not eat in front of others, or bring out your food or even talk about it. This holds true for most things – you do not want people to know and attack you. So keeping a low profile and staying to yourself is the best line of defense!

#2: Use surprise as a weapon

The element of surprise can actually buy you a lot of time! Your attacker may think you weak and not capable of defending yourself. But if you can make a show of force – maybe throw a punch that hurts, even though it does not do lasting damage – your attacker with be surprised and you can use that time to do the next thing on this list…

#3: Retreat

Retreat if you have the option, instead of intimidating or fighting. If you know and can see that your attacker has the advantage – reason, surprise or do whatever you need – but retreat. Do not meet him in an open fight – unless left with no other option. Firstly, fighting may injure you and deplete your strength. On the other hand, you also stand to attract a lot more attention by doing so.

#4: Use improvised weapons

This is another option. Firearms aren’t safe because they can also go off accidentally. But the alternative is to try out improvised weapons. They can be your self defense, without presenting the latent threat that there is from firearms. We have compiled a list of possible DIY improvised weapons that you should check out. Also, knives can be a good self defense item.

#6: Use stun guns and Tasers

This is another option, quite effective, though a lot less fatal than actual stun guns. And while stun guns aren’t like firearms, they also have their advantages. Also with stun guns and Tasers, there is legislation that you need to check out to see if it is indeed legal in your state. So, do your homework well before you pick this option.

#7: Join a physical self defense class

Finally, it is important to enroll for self defense classes well before the disaster actually strikes. Whether you are a man or a woman, being able to defend yourself with your bare hands is a skill that will needless come in handy in the years to come!

Self defense is going to be an invaluable skill. So, think about these 7 ways to defend yourself without a gun. Because after all – not having a gun means that you are at a lesser risk – and you will not end up mortally injuring any person – particularly by accident!

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