Put Together Your Own Pandemic Kit With This Simple Guide!

Pandemics are possibly one of the worst disasters you could be facing. With any other disaster you are most likely to suffer from the loss of your daily comforts, and deal with the evil present in people. Okay – so the danger could also be zombies. But in case of a pandemic, all the above problems would still be present, and to compound all of them, there would be debilitating disease and the constant threat of contracting it. And so, none of your prepping will be quite complete without a well stocked pandemic kit.

Now you must be wondering exactly what the problems you could face in a pandemic riddled world are. Well, consider the situation where a large number of people who may surround you are infected with a communicable disease. Any contact – even the air you breathe – could be enough to infect you as well. And with the disaster situation, you will have no access to pharmacies, hospitals or nursing homes. Chances are the doctors and nurses will not be around to help. And even if they are – in a real pandemic, they’d just be inadequate!

What you need to do – you must do yourself. And the things that you should aim at are:

  • Protecting yourself and quarantining
  • Dealing with the early signs of infection so that you can cure it before it reaches severe conditions.

And for those, you need to get together the pandemic basics. Read on…

Here’s what you need in your own basic pandemic kit

You’d do good to put together a few separate bags with a good supply of the following items. That will allow you to manage for quite some time. And even access one if the others are lost or unreachable.

Here are the supplies:

  • Isolation gowns
  • Isolation foot covers
  • Bouffant caps to protect the head
  • N-95 goggles and masks
  • Heavy duty sanitizer
  • Anti bacterial and anti viral wipes or solution
  • Nuclear, chemical and biological warfare gas mask
  • Disinfectant of good quality
  • Protective overalls
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Double gloving gloves
  • A lot of tissues
  • Thermometers that are disposable – you do not want to reuse one used for an infected person for an uninfected person
  • Individual water filtration kits
  • Vomit bags
  • Adult diapers
  • Bio hazard bags
  • Necessary medication that can be used as a first step
  • Electrolytes
  • Antiseptic creams

These basic things are enough to take care of most disaster situations. However, keep in mind that there won’t be adequate supplies if you are trying to treat a person who may have already contracted the infection. Your best bet is to research your area and find out what pandemics are possibilities (as this differs from place to place). Once you’ve done that, visit your physician and discuss your fears with him. Get prescriptions for the medicines you need. And stock these too. Also do not forget to find out about dosage and keep a note of these along with the meds.

And once you have done all that and the necessary, you should have a pandemic kit that can help you to survive the worst. After all, the biggest factor that is working in your favor is that you are a prepper and are already expecting the worst. This also means you are prepared for the worst – unlike many others!

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